Rich Italian Cuisine in NYC

Rich Italian Cuisine in NYC

If a trip to Italy is out of the question perhaps you can bring a bit of Italy to you.  One of the best places to get great Italian food outside of Italy itself is in New York City.  NYC has had a huge Italian population since the early 19th century and that means there are some amazing restaurants for you to get a little slice of Italy stateside.  If you want to impress your sweetheart or just enjoy some rich Italian cuisine in NYC then here’s where to go.


With tuxedoed waiters it is like stepping into a classic movie version of an Italian restaurant.  The ambiance is reminiscent of the 50’s with Frank Sinatra and other standards playing in the background.  The food is amazing and the waiters make Caesar salad right at the table, yes it’s not technically Italian but it is still yummy.  For something a little more authentic then try the garlic and chili infused angel hair pasta it is to die for.  Here is a look at this typical NYC Italian restaurant.


Inspired by the Tuscan region of Italy this is the place to be for authentic Tuscan fare.  It’s a friendly neighborhood place where you don’t need to book a table months in advance and the menu is simply mouth-watering.  Whether you want a light salad or their famous 20 layer lasagna you won’t be disappointed.  They have an extensive selection of Tuscan wines so you can find the perfect wine to complement your meal.


This is what fine Italian dining should be, it is sophisticated and stylish.  You are also going to have book well in advance to get a table here.  They take traditional dishes and give them a modern twist.  There is a tasting menu with many of the items coming from the Batali region.  Give it a try you won’t regret it.

Pasquale Jones

Consistently rated as one of the best Italian restaurants in New York not only is it delicious but it’s one of the more affordable restaurants on the list.  Pizza and pasta lovers flock to the place and it can be a little hard to get a seat, but it is well worth the wait.


It is time now to head on over to Brooklyn.  With an Italian restaurant on almost every corner it can be pretty hard to stand out from the crowd yet Lilia does that and more.  The atmosphere is relaxing but you’re going to want to bring your appetite.  Lilia serves modern Italian cuisine but you have to try the cacao e pepe fritters and the mozzarella and wood-grilled clams.

Basics of Italian Cuisine

Basics of Italian Cuisine

When most people think of Italian cuisine they think of spaghetti or lasagna but there is so much more to Italian cuisine than that.  If you ever travel around Italy you will quickly realize that there a variety of dishes from different regions with tastes that you can’t even imagine.  Italy is broken up into 19 different regions and they all have a different cuisine.  Let’s take a look at some of the regional dishes in Italian cuisine. 

Southern Italy

Southern Italy is on the Mediterranean and fish and seafood are prevalent in the diets in this region.  Diets are lighter, they use more olive oil in their cuisine and you will find this region is what inspired the Mediterranean diet that health professionals recommend.  Southern Italians are among some of the healthiest people in the world.  Their diet is rich in fish and vegetables while using less sauces and cheeses.

Northern Italy

This regional cuisine is probably what you are most familiar with, the area is closer to France and like French cuisine there are a lot of cheeses and sauces in these dishes.  However having Northern Italian cuisine in an American restaurant is nothing like the real thing.  The dishes are slow cooking and complicated, lasagna being an example.  There isn’t as much spice as you would find in American versions but everything is still delicious.

Regional Differences

Italian food isn’t defined by a single dish, not even spaghetti.  With 19 regions in the country you can expect 19 different versions of spaghetti alone, from simple spaghetti al olio to spaghetti Bolognese.  Most Italian food relies on different ingredients that are locally sourced and dependent on what vegetables are in season.  There are some commonalities across most of the regions, with more than 350 types of pasta you can bet it is a staple no matter where you are and vegetables will figure prominently in the local dishes.

When you travel to Italy for the first time you will find dishes that you grew up eating will be far different than what you are used.  Don’t expect the pizza to taste anything like Pizza Hut.  Try out as many new things as you can while you are there, you may discover you have a new favorite dish when your trip is over.  Italian cuisine is most popular cuisine in the world take a trip to Italy and you will understand why.